Breaking Ground Image

My real job is that of a web developer. I build websites and I've often equated my work to that of a shovel salesman during the gold rush.  At that time, there were plenty of miners out there looking to strike it rich....and they all needed a good quality shovel.  I'm honored and lucky to be part of many very successful startup ideas & businesses where the "shovel" I provided was just the tool they needed to succeed.  As one might guess, I've also seen a significant number of projects come and go as the people behind the idea found that there just wasn't gold in the hills, or they lost motivation, funding, or all of the above.

For all of these reasons, I spend a great amount of energy stewing over any new business idea that comes up for myself. I heavily weigh whether the concept is "good enough" to pursue.  Certainly I can provide myself a "free" shovel (last mining reference)...but that's just a very small part of the puzzle.  Additionally, it gets even more challenging when the idea is largely going to be marketed to Missoulians.  Is the market big enough to support this here?  Will people see the value?  Are we too early?

In this case, I was sold the moment I saw the 3D technology (that we're now offering) with no reservations.  I wanted to start this business...and start selling this product.  These virtual tours and deliverable 3D files are items that I immediately saw several uses for personally and I continue to be fascinated by how it all works and how fast it is improving.  I believe that a very wide variety of businesses and industries can benefit from an immediate virtual 3D rendering of their space.

Needless to say, I'm fired up and excited to see how we can help you benefit from this groundbreaking new technology. Cheers!