Construction Reference – How many outlets are in the living room? Image

To anyone who has been through (survived) a home construction project, this post is for you. As an avid "remodeler" I'm always looking for better solutions to common issues that come up during a project and 3D scanning solves some BIG challenges.


As an example, lets say you're at the point in a project where you're ready to insulate and sheetrock.  This point in a project creates a lot of personal anxiety for me.  As soon as the walls are covered up it becomes nearly impossible to remember exactly what was going on behind them.   Certainly you can take a number of photos (my Dropbox is full of em) but they're hard to piece back together, especially quickly.  Maybe you won't realized it for weeks, months...or maybe years....but eventually you'll really want to know what is inside the wall at a very specific spot.  Maybe you want to hang a big new TV, or you need a new outlet added, or perhaps you've noticed some water damage.  Whatever the case, wouldn't it be invaluable to be able to reference a full view of your space, with the walls opened up?

Check out our recent model from Missoula remodel project:

This project is unique too, because the homeowner elected to keep a majority of the original lath wall cladding.  Doing so meant a big time savings in the demo phase, but finding studs (with a traditional "stud finder") nearly impossible.  With this model and the built-in measuring tools, she'll be able to precisely locate any stud, at any time.


Additionally, there's great value in having a reference of the project that can be referenced on your phone, at the hardware store. The homeowner reached out to me with the following text message:

"Just used the 3D [scan] 3x today for information!! 1) Does the wire I need to change go up or over? 2) Which way does the [lighting] can box go behind the drywall? 3) How many outlets are there in the living room?"

From her phone, she pulled up the model and could answer/solve each of these issues that would have otherwise required a trip to the location for she, the electrician, or both.  She picked out just the right number of missing outlet boxes and she's thrilled with the time her scanned model continues to save.  We're thrilled to see people using the technology in these new ways.

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