Missoula3D, LLC is a family business venture started by real estate agents Lorin & Amy Peterson, real estate agent & CPA Brent Russ, and web developer Ross Peterson.  We're all interested in leveraging new technologies in our various businesses and saw a growing need for this new service in Western Montana.

Insurance adjusters, attorneys, real estate agents, property managers, designers, developers, architects and other industry professionals are all hungry for ways to supplement their own businesses with real-life models of existing spaces.  It is now very easy and affordable to provide rich virtual tours of your spaces that can be viewed from anywhere in the world. In addition, the models we scan are yours to keep and can be imported into common 3D applications as the foundation for your own virtual customizations and modifications.

We're excited to offer our interior residential and commercial 3D scanning services and eager to see the different ways our clients will use this new technology.